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In face of the terrible events which are hitting Ukraine, many initiatives have emerged to support Ukrainian people. Here is a quick look at some of them.

The Russian attacks in Ukraine have caused so much devastation. In response, it has caused many industries to look at what they can do to support people who have been hit so badly by this heart-breaking war.

In the Art World, artists, supported by galleries, organisations or institutions have realized that this is the moment when we must act, using Art taking a political stand. 

Among the sea of initiatives, the one by Artist Support Pledge founder Matthew Burrows, behind the hashtag #artistsupportpledge, and artist Zavier Ellis of Ellis Smith Projects, initiator of “rhizomatic contemporary art projects”.

Together they have launched the Ukraine Support Pledge. By using the hashtags #ukrainesupportpledge and #artistsupportpledge artists can donate to support Ukraine, with all payments being make directly to Global Giving Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund.


Artist Support Pledge, Image for #ukrainesupportpledge, 2022, Courtesy of Artist Support Pledge #artistsupportpledge


In Italy, a collective effort brings a two-day fundraising initiative in Milan, ‘You may say I am a dreamer, 30 artists for Ukraine’. Behind it we find the co-sharing space for contemporary photography and image culture Condominio, the art network That’s Contemporary, art consulting and curatorial duo Twenty 14, and the social enterprise Lombardy Itard Centre.

On the 20th and the 21st of March, a group of contemporary artists will donate their works and the funds collected from the local community will go to three non-profit organisations which specifically support Women and Children locally in Ukraine – the Voices of Children Foundation, Successful Woman and Woman Actual.

‘Art for Ukraine’ is another initiative, launched by the Bougie Art Gallery in Toronto, and the Founder Neringa Mikol, who was born and raised in Lithuania – close to Ukraine.

The proceeds, excluding shipping, and any production costs and taxes (so the artist does not have pay them), made from the artworks on a dedicated webpage will go to the Lithuanian NGO Blue / Yellow which has been helping Ukrainian soldiers since 2014.


Bougie Art Gallery, Poster Art for Ukraine, 2022, Courtesy of Bougie Art Gallery.


From the 24th of March to the 31st of May Tempesta Gallery in Milan will be hosting Finnish artist Alma Heikklä’s exhibition ‘Hot prefrontal cortex’, about the relationship of human beings with the environment. A percentage of the sales made will also go to Ukraine.

ArtToSaveLives Contemporary will be donating half of the purchase price of a selection of pieces to aid those who are working in animal shelters in Ukraine through Humane Society International, offering 50% off the initial price to encourage sales. Contour Gallery together with their artists launched "Art without a Crown" devoting all the donations to the non-governmental organization Blue/Yellow and to the leading humanitarian organization Save the Children. For each donation, you will receive a token worth at least as much as the amount you donated. 

And there are many more initiatives out there. Everywhere, galleries, non-profits and artists are doing their part, whatever they can, to support people affected by a destructive, senseless war.

Without doubt, the current events have triggered an eager, overturning wave that is making us realise that everyone can help. 

Everything has an impact. Everything is political. 

We must act, now. What can you do?


Cover image: Sofiya Chotyrbok, Borderless, 2020, Courtesy of Vogue.

Written by Zoë Rivas Zanello

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