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"El mar da vida"


80 x 80 x 3cm

2750,00 €

Nuria Miró is a painter of high quality, sensitivity, emotion, and poetry. Her works are highly expressive in brushstrokes, reflective of pristine colors, and precise in line work, all coalescing to form a play of light and shadow of her condensed spaces. The compositions of each of her works are heightened by interesting new perspectives of the natural seascape. The human figures in her paintings develop the physical and metaphorical stability of each painting. Coated in sunlight, every figure moves differently in each piece in order to capture the natural coastal light and to express the passing of the time of day.. Her combined academic training and her intuitiveness of art present painting as effortless, with the consistency of her masterful drawing skills, dynamic perspectives, and loose brushwork. Her technique is deliberate and steady as evidenced in every of her works. She paints with the oil technique on canvas. She also mix two different styles, a realistic sea scene as the background of the picture and over it, people in moving made with texture.
Her artworks are found in private collections in USA, Spain and England.