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The 22nd of April is International Earth Day. On this day, many initiatives shine the spotlight on the Earth, what we can do to protect it, the future of the planet, and the younger generations.

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The Earth and its future, along with that of future generations, must be protected and safeguarded. The climate emergency has made this urgent. Life on Earth, the beauty, and the diversity of the natural world is under threat.

Now more than ever, action is crucial. We are all called to make a difference

Earth Day is a singular and essential moment to remember this and to play our part. The 22nd of April 2022, the 52nd International Earth Day established by the United Nations, is an important moment.

This year’s theme is “Invest in Our Planet”, and it is accompanied by the message “together, for everyone, everything, every day”.

On this occasion, Italian Composer and Pianist Giovanni Allevi, Ambassador of the event, and artists from all over the world will come together in a unique, touching global celebration of our planet. The event is focused on the new generations, young people, and their future.


n.d., Photo of Composer and Pianist Giovanni Allevi, n.d., Courtesy of Vicenza Today.


They will be performing at the Convention Centre in Rome “La Nuvola” (i.e., the cloud), an architectural masterpiece signed by Massimiliano Fuksas. The entire show has been developed by Tiziana Tuccillo, Coordinator of Earth Day’s Cultural and Artistic Committee.

Another initiative focused on the younger generations and the future has been developed by Looking for Art, gallery based in Milan – which supports 120 young emerging artists, all under 35 years old.  The project, launched to underline the importance of safeguarding and celebrating the diversity and richness of our planet, is called “Looking for Earth”.


Angelica Cantù Rajnoldi, Ceneri di mare, 2020, Courtesy of Looking for Art.


Carbone Agnese Magda, Capelli Alice, Cantù Rajnoldi Angelica, Vitellozzi Chiara, Grieshofer Elliott, Montanari Federico, D'Anza Francesca Adriana, Masocco Francesca, Piccinni Francesca, Bisazza Francesco, Mastrantoni Francesco, Cialdella Gabriele, Lamberdiere Gaëlle, Trisorio Giuliana Maria,  Bertolini Giuseppe, Villa Ilaria, Papucci Jacopo, Pasini Laura, Simone Laura Petra, Mone Maddalena, Pasini Marco, Brivio Matteo, Occhipinti Matteo, Piccolo Matteo (TETI), Succi Matteo (SVCCY), Sanarico Mattia, Mattia Terribile, Brum Oscar, De Marini Paola, Delfanti Riccardo, Ricca Riccardo, Argiolas Sara, Cerati Sara, Pisani Silvia, Mangini Sofia, Daneri Stefano (WE ARE) are the 36 young emerging talents have been chosen to represent the 17 Sustainable Development Goals defined by the UN for Agenda 2030.


Silvia Pisani, Long Beach, CA, 2018 Courtesy of Looking for Art.


The works of art, used for the communication of the events and exhibited for Earth Day, will be sold at auction to raise money for the no-profit organisation Earth Day Italia, projects to safe the Amazon and the creation of a sustainable forest.

Additionally, a work by artist Angelica Cantù Rajnoldi has been donated to the celebrated and acclaimed Composer Giovanni Allevi.

The collaboration demonstrates how, together, Humanity and the Arts can play their part: Save our Planet, protect our Future, and celebrate Diversity.


Cover image: Jacopo Papucci, Linee, 2021, Courtesy of Looking for Art.

Written by Zoë Rivas Zanello


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