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From the 7th to the 10th of April, Art Paris 2022 will be returning to the French capital. With a focus on the environment, it will bring together an incredible selection of works from different countries.

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Showcasing 130 modern and contemporary galleries from 23 countries, in the first weekend of April 2022 – from the 7th to the 10th – Art Paris 2022 is back at the Grand Palais Éphémère.

Since 2018, the prominent art fair has represented a backbone for the French contemporary art scene.


Vincent Laval, Avant la fin du cycle, 2022, Courtesy of Galerie Sono ©Art Paris 2022


This year it includes a section for young galleries and emerging artists, as well as section of 17 in-depth monographic exhibitions. As recognized platform for curators to shine a personal lens on new trends, Art Paris 2022 is adopting a sustainable approach. 

Together with environmental consultants Solinnen and Art of Change 21, a pioneering life cycle assessment-based model has been put in place to create an environmentally friendly art fair. By favoring local visitors and transport solutions, reducing the energetic consumption, recycling materials – among other changes – the fair aims at reducing its global environmental impact enormously.

Furthermore, this commitment is evident in the themes as well. Indeed, this year it is returning with a focus on two central topics: ‘Natural Histories’ and ‘Art & Environment’.

20 artists, belonging to different generations, a reunited in ‘Natural Histories: A Focus on the French Scene’. Independent curator Alfred Pacquement will consider the way in which these artists see the natural world.


Hugo Deverchère, La Isla de Ias Siete Ciudades – Regolith #01, 2021, Courtesy of Dumonteil Contemporary ©Art Paris 2022


‘Natural Histories’ will be a focus on the uniting thread of the contemporary aesthetic regarding natural elements in French artists’ work. As curator Alfred Pacquement says, “Exploring, observing and taking stock of nature, noticing how it is transformed or endangered and showcasing it, recounting its every aspect… today, the interest of artists in the plant and animal kingdoms never ceases to confirm its vitality.”

The other theme will be the focus of independent curator and founder of the non-profit organization Art of Change 21, Alice Audouin. ‘Art & Environment’ brings together 17 French and international artists, among those exhibited at the fair, who touch upon environmental issues in their work.

In curator Alice Audouin’s words, “A new generation of artists born into the period of ecological crisis puts environmental issues at the heart of its practice. For these artists, ecology is not just a theme, but rather an expression of their relationship with the world. They are reinventing both ways of living together and the collective values of society. From ecofeminism to post-anthropocentrism, they are asserting their role as the avant-garde to the full and optimistically initiating a future where cooperation prevails over competition”.

Considering the urgent topics and the rich programme – along with the renewed commitment to making contemporary art accessible to all through a series of guided tours and virtual visits – this year this art fair is the leading testimony of the transforming Art World.


Suzanne Husky, Protect the sacred, 2019, Courtesy of Galerie Alain Gutharc ©Art Paris 2022


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Cover image:  Gilles Aillaud, Coatis jaunes, 1982, Courtesy of Loevenbruck ©Art Paris 2022

Written by Zoë Rivas Zanello


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