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This year, Art Madrid will bring together amazing artworks and many surprises for Spanish and International collectors, in a stunning UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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Reaching its 17th edition, Art Madrid 2022 will take place next weekend. Returning during Madrid Art Week, from the 23rd to the 27th of February 2022, the well-established fair is going to be a vibrant landmark for collectors and art lovers.

Right beside the prestigious Prado Museum and Reina Sofia Museum, the fair will be hosted by the Gallería de Cristal, at the monumental Cibeles Palace. It is the ‘Landscape of Light’, a wonderful UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Art Madrid, Photo of the Fair, n.d., Courtesy of Art Madrid


Under an organic glass dome, light floods into this beautifully designed space – and, very soon, a buzz of gallerists and collectors will fill this crystal gallery.

The event brings together a selection of 35 Spanish and International galleries. 10 International galleries from Brazil, Cuba, Portugal, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Lithuania and Taiwan contribute to the vibrant diversity of perspectives.

Works created with a variety of different media, represent the voices of more than 160 emerging, mid-career and established contemporary artists. Among which, an installation and two live works by Gary Hill – known as the founder of New Media Art – and works by Llorenç Barber – Sound Art Pioneer – will welcome visitors.

Further, an extensive agenda aims to give importance and centrality to collecting art. One programme, curated by Natalia Alonso, will give the visitors an understanding of the fascinating yet complex Art Market. Another key initiative is the collecting programme, supporting and facilitating sales during the fair.

Another separate project, called ‘Proyector’ and curated by Mario Gutiérrez, focuses of video, action and performance art. It will investigate the concept of the ‘loop’, central to all these media, but also the act of collecting itself.


Costa Gorelov. Waiting for her mask effect, 2020) Courtesy of Dr. Robot Gallery


Additionally, Art Madrid ’22 launches a new online campaign: ‘Art & Collect: your artwork in one click’. Thanks to this campaign, collectors will be able to buy artworks priced at less than €1800 from the fair’s website, automatically accessing two VIP passes for the fair. Made available by the participating galleries, there are more than 50 works on sale.

Art Madrid ’22 is an unmissable timely and sophisticated fair, informed and inclusive for those who want to invest in the arts.


Art Madrid, Poster Art Madrid 2022, 2022, Courtesy of Art Madrid


Cover image: Juana Gonzalez, Pelea, 2021, Courtesy of Art Madrid

Written by Zoë Rivas Zanello

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