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In February, Hybrid 2022 attracted attention in the Spanish Capital. Known and recognized as a springboard for emerging artists, this art fair has become a central event in Madrid. 

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From the 25th to the 27th of February 2022, Hybrid returned to Madrid. Taking place in the Petit Palace Santa Bárbara hotel, it coincided with Madrid Art Week - a bustling week for art lovers.

Hybrid focuses on experimental practices and site-specific projects. The innovative transdisciplinary artistic program and immersive curatorial projects made this art fair a unique experience for all.

It is a returning landmark for the most curious, an unconventional space for a range of different local and international independent proposals.

They describe it as a ‘disruptive format’, unconventionally designing all exhibition projects and art installations to fit the rooms of the hotel. This space hosted hundreds of incredible works created by over 70 artists in the central Plaza Santa Bárbara, between the neighborhoods of Chueca and Malasaña. 


Aristidis Limnaios, Superego, n.d., Courtesy of Pow Wow.


With many international galleries from Switzerland, The Netherlands, Mexico, Israel, Germany and the UK, and a wide range of different artists, it is the place to be for people who want to see the latest trends and important themes of today’s Contemporary Art World. 

The fair included a special program of ephemeral interventions, ‘Displaced’. The fourth edition of this initiative presented works and actions of 14 artists in transit areas of the fair. Also, new to the fair, a special program was created by La Parida Gallery for children.

Another important novelty in Hybrid 2022 was the Kooness Prize, marking a collaboration between the fair and Kooness. Kooness team joined the art fair’s committee, contributing to the selection of 3 galleries. The selected galleries are given the unique possibility to have a free trial on Kooness’ platform and being promoted among Kooness collector base.

After a heated debate, the winners were selected. First Prize went to Pow Wow, a gallery located in Athens. Founded by Mary Rousioti and Carla Joyce in 2018, Pow Wow is “a place for the cultivation of imagination and creativity”, specially developed for young children and parents.

The second and third prizes went to Raum E116 e César Sastre, which have presented two incredible projects about diverse creative universe and figuration, respectively. 


Galería César Sastre, Juan Fernández Álava «kela» 2016.


At the fair, their booth hosted an exhibition called “A Monster in my Garden”. Taking from books and fairy tales, the exhibition questioned the idea of what we see as scary or monstrous, how it relates to the unknown in the modern world and the recent rise of xenophobia. The core concept is that Art can stand against xenophobia, by exploring the unfamiliar. 

Hybrid is known and recognized as a springboard for emerging artists - but also for galleries. With their exceptional approach and program, the people behind this fair truly make space for new models and new trends, moving away from traditional art fairs and conventional formats.

In fact, by providing an expanding platform for different voices, perspectives and media, Hybrid has become a central event at its 6th edition in the beautiful Spanish capital. 


Raum E116, Alicia Guirao «Río Nalón» Acrilico sobre lienzo, 70x70cm, 2022


Cover image: n.d., Hybrid 2022 poster, 2022, Courtesy of Hybrid ©Hybrid Art 2022

Written by Zoë Rivas Zanello

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