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On 11 December 2021, at 6 p.m., the opening of Marco Ferri's solo exhibition Tra le Righe will be held at La Fonderia Modern and Contemporary Art Gallery in Florence (Via della Fonderia 42R). The exhibition, curated by Barbara Aniello, brings together the artist's recent works in perpetual evolution. Trained at Sebastian Matta's school workshop, he started out as an experimenter in artistic ceramics, then travelled the paths of landscape painting, later arriving at geometric abstractionism. Always hovering between painting and sculpture, so much so that he earned the nickname 'pictosculptor' (Carli, 2010), he developed motifs that brought him close to Tinguely and his useless machines, and then brushed up against minimalism and arte povera. In recent years, Ferri oscillates substantially between the Dadaistic combination of found objects and the amused conceptualism of his word games. In reality, all labels escape the free creativity of the artist, who always remains true to himself, preserving his own stylistic signature.

The exhibition in question, which will remain open until 8 January 2022, brings together works that obsessively move on the "atavistic terrain of the balance between horizontal and vertical".  However, "Ferri's is not a playful amusement between the obvious and the hidden, to which the motto he has chosen as the title of the exhibition, 'Between the Lines', ironically alludes." (Aniello 2021). The viewer, in fact, is invited to go beyond the forest of lines and strokes to grasp in the timbre, skilfully modulated by the painter, the essence of an underlying dialogue that only emerges at a second glance. In the harmonic-melodic score of the orthogonal play of strokes, it is precisely the timbre that embodies the key to interpreting the works, which preserve stratified and profound messages, as in a Bachian Fugue, as Barbara Aniello writes in her presentation, full of chromatic-musical parallelisms.