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Galleria d’arte La Fonderia presents se il sole è la luna, Filippo Cigni solo show, curated by Fulvio Cervini. The opening will take place on October 7th at 6 pm at Via della Fonderia 42R in Florence.

The first solo show of the young Florentine artist displays a progression of works that explore the meaning of painting, rather than purely seeking self-expression The use of black pigment, in its roughest or most refined declinations, interacts with gold leaf, bringing out, from the first works, the interest in a mythological and philosophical investigation, pervaded by an alchemical feeling. In recent works, a deeper study of materials has elevated itself to both protagonist and narrative medium as well, where wax now imprisons ideas and perceptions.

Art asks questions, and the exhibition path in front of which we find ourselves becomes an intellectual act. What is being narrated is a non-story, reflection is invited to go beyond mere representations and focus on concepts and their opposites. Although guided by letters that make up words and numbers that appear as codes, what is captured are a series of more veiled ideas and cues that do not recall the immediacy of their contemplation. Approaching the young artist's works, we will find ourselves faced with delicate scratches and engravings, which emerge from the rough black of the sands used, or reflections of enamels and waxes that capture and shine in their sinuous and immersive forms.

Going beyond the narrative presented to be able to appreciate the thousand other realities and their opposites: this in Filippo Cigni's works is expressed in the material elements and colors, as messages of something else, asking the mind to conduct an investigation into the essence and existence itself.  

The image – writes Fulvio Cervini in the critical text - is suitable for a metaphysical and spiritual journey as well as for a loved one, in the spirit of Shakespeare's famous sonnet in which days become nights and nights become days, in relation to the moment in which lovers manifest themselves and meet. If the sun becomes the moon and vice versa, much (perhaps everything) depends on our ability to read materials and atmospheres, and therefore stay inside them

The exhibition will be open until November 7th from Tuesday to Saturday 10 am-1 pm and 3.30 pm-7.30 pm