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The Flemish Room. Avalanche is the second exhibition presented by Hilario Galguera Gallery in Madrid and will open on the 19th of November.

The group show is comprised of works by four Belgian artists: Willem Boel, Maxime Brigou, Marie Cloquet and Stijn Cole, whose predominant materiality, as a symbolic, conceptual and expressive component, is articulated as a consequence of the superficialisation of ideas, the devastation of the landscape and the destruction of the territory, while emphasising individual, subjective and philosophical processes in relation to the contemporary world. The word “avalanche” within the title implies an external, inevitable and unstoppable phenomenon, as an analogy to different aspects of the four artists’ practice, seductive and aesthetic, but equally entropic.

“Avalanche, as the title of the exhibition is - on my part - directly related to the idea of collateral damage. Increasingly less predictable and more devastating. A sign of change. But also a very beautiful and powerful image”. Marie Cloquet

“(...) By integrating these unstable elements into the work, there is no definitive version of the image. It seems to behave differently at each moment, making us see, without saying it, that our way of thinking - and by extension, the whole world - also works like this”. Maxime Brigou

“To be drowned in my own work is a very rare feeling of satisfaction. I believe the abundance of works, and also the self inflicted endlessness of repeated actions give me both peace of mind and unfulfilled desire. It goes without saying that I perceive my practice as conception of an oeuvre, much more than the conception of separate works of art”. Willem Boel

“There is a strong poetic power emanating from that frozen moment just before an avalanche occurs. Trying to capture that slice of time is a goal in itself”. Stijn Cole