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Ying Leung Wong

Shenzhen, China

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Works by Ying Leung Wong




121 x 90 x 5cm

7456,00 €

Keep Moving



120 x 90 x 5cm

7456,00 €

Regarded as the top 100 young artists of China, Ying was born in Hainan Island, China, in 1980. Graduated from the Fine Art Department, University of Hainan. He received over 92 art awards and was reported widely by the media. He travels many country paths, looking for places that grab his attention and inspiration. A scene might look rather ordinary to someone else but, to him, there could be some aspect about it that strikes a chord, something of significance. People have often told him that looking at his paintings gives a feeling of love, hope, and peace. To him, there is no better compliment. His way of connecting with and honoring the land earned him the nickname  "The Prince of Banana Trees".