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Victoire d‘Harcourt

Bordeaux, France

5 Works exhibited on Kooness

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Works by Victoire d‘Harcourt

Untitled #5


50 x 30 x 20cm

Untitled #4


34 x 16 x 5cm

Untitled #3


50 x 36 x 24cm

Untitled #2


50 x 20 x 20cm

Untitled #1


55 x 32 x 21cm

Victoire d‘Harcourt has always been interested in Urbanism and in the architecture of big spaces. The artist has the pleasure to reprocess museums, cemeteries, beaches and any kind of big areas.

The artist, painter and photographer, is attached to infringe reality. From a black and white photograph that she realises and develops herself, without abandoning her subject, Victoire d’Harcourt recomposes her photograph with the help of big swathes of colours.  The artist’s work is a dialogue between abstraction and figuration. 

Footbridges are taut. From a universe that appeared real (with a photograph), Victoire d’Harcourt thrust us back into an ambivalent world where all questions about existence are asked…without an answer.