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Łukasz Stokłosa

Kalwaria Zebrzydowska, Poland

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Łukasz Stokłosa is a visual artist, painter. Born in Kalwaria Zebrzydowska, Poland in 1986. Based in Kraków, Poland. 

Stokłosa graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow in 2010. His graduation work, entitled Death and Lust, was devoted to the motif of St. Sebastian in culture. His first individual exhibition was Winter's Tale (2011) at the Zderzak gallery in Krakow, featuring works in which palace interiors, winter landscapes and portraits of film stars were kept in the artist's favourite atmosphere of romanticism and decadence. In 2013, Stokłosa received the Lower Silesian Marshal's Award in the Geppert Competition. In the following year, he was included in Kurt Beers' compendium of 100 Painters of Tomorrow, published by Thames & Hudson London-New York, presenting a selection of the most promising contemporary painters. In 2015, he was featured at the exhibition Artists from Krakow, Generation 80-90 at the MOCAK Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow. 

He does representational and figurative painting, often inspired by mass culture, films and series. He feels comfortable in the aesthetics of kitsch. Travelling and visiting historic buildings and landmarks is the source of motifs that he later subjects to transformations. He often uses the somewhat archaic strategy of homoerotic camouflage, which he nevertheless finds interesting; he also draws on the aesthetics of camp. By juxtaposing distant and foreign elements in his practice, he compiles a peculiar cabinet of curiosities. This way of constructing the narrative is especially noticeable in his sculptures-objects. His interests revolve around contemporary interpretations of history and past events. 

What often characterises his paintings is homoerotic images inspired by gay pornography. A special place in his area of interest is occupied by the art of old masters, whose influence is often visible in his works, both in terms of workmanship, composition or scale, as well as in the textual layer. Stokłosa's paintings are sensual and intelligent, appealing and repelling at the same time; there is often more to them than meets the eye, just like in the case of film noir. 



Education: Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, Poland 


Selected solo exhibitions: 

2020 – Moonlight shadow, Salon of Friends of the Together Pamoja Foundation, Warsaw, Poland
2019 – What comes from the eyes, comes from the heart, How to Forget Gallery, Krakow, Poland
2019 – Make it before the night..., The City Art Gallery in Lodz, Poland.
2018 – Najpiękniejsze i najcudowniejsze rzeczy, które się widzi, jeśli się patrzeć umie, Krupa Gallery, Wroclaw, Poland.
2018 – One Hundred Vievs, Zderzak Gallery, Krakow, Poland.
2018 – Queen of the Night, Handbook for City Dwellers, Krakow, Poland.
2017 – Misfits, Zderzak gallery, Krakow, Poland.
2015 – Golden cage, Nunc Contemporary, Antwerp, Belgium.
2015 – Number 392, Zderzak Gallery, Krakow, Poland.
2014 – GRUPPO DI FAMIGLIA IN UN INTERNO, Kunstverein zu Assenheim, Germany.
2013 – The composition of paintings, Zderzak gallery, Cracow,  Poland.
2011 – A Winter's Tale, Zderzak gallery, Krakow, Poland. 


Selected group exhibitions: 

2021 – Frieze and Emblem, Razem Pamoja Foundation, Warsaw, Poland.
2021 – With Pleasure, Krupa Gallery and Szara Gallery, Katowice, Wrocław, Poland.