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114 x 146cm

7000,00 €

Pénélope - II


130 x 175cm

7000,00 €



97 x 130cm

7000,00 €

Using collage, projection, printing, and photoshop are some examples of Zabounian’s efforts at experimentation to create her expressive visual endeavors. Taline Zabounian plays with these modern/technological implementations in juxtaposition of her freehand gestures in order to create a new code, which serves to answer the question of mass reproduction.

Like a game, Taline Zabounian develops rules with key visual and methodological aspects from her painting, echoing the digital or printed screen. Using stencils made from her freehand drawings, the repetitive painted modules become a pattern unfolding on the surface of the canvas.

The next steps are realized by using aspects of collage, added forms and colors, variations of wefts, and mechanical markings. For Taline Zabounian, the painting itself becomes like a woven frame. This braiding game takes its form in a set of movements established with borrowed notions of the digital. The intent: to make painting a witness of repetition, superposition, and deformation. Above all, the image must awaken in the observer the allure of enigma.

Taline Zabounian ( France, 1986 ) is a Paris based artist who studied at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris. Her paintings have been shown at Galerie SLIKA Lyon ( 2019 ), MR14 Gallery Paris ( 2019 ) , Galerie 100 Titres Bruxelles ( 2019 ),  the Museum Monnaie de Paris ( 2018 ), the Museum Maison Rouge ( 2017 ), Galerie Jean Collet ( 2015 ).

In 2013, she participated in an artistic program residency in Armenia ( Art and Cultural Studies Laboratory) and had her first solo show in the Modern Art Museum of Yerevan Armenia .