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Stéphanie Baechler

1983 Switzerland

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Stéphanie Baechler (b. 1983, Meyriez) studied Master Fashion Design at the Fashion Masters of ArtEZ University of the Arts, Arnhem and earlier Textile Design at Lucerne University of Applied Sc iences and Arts (HSLU). Baechler was attracted by ceramic as a reaction to the fast and fleeting world of fashion. The immobile collection pieces she has made ten years ago lead up to a position at co nceptual designer Hussein Chalayan, and more importantly, to her own artist's practice. The work of Baechler is balancing between man-made and organic, and was part of Soft? Tactile Dialogues in MoMu, Antwerp (2019). Her work is shown at, among others, Rinomina, Paris (2019), The White House Gallery, Lovenjoel (2018) and Chamber Gallery, New York (2016). Baechler has won the Swiss Design Award multiple times. Her work was on the cover of FRAME Magazine (2015) and is featured in internationally renowned art magazines.

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2.75 x 150 cm


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