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Bardula is an artist's name, whose luminokinetic work is created by a couple, a Belgian silversmith and a French architect, in their studio south of Paris.

Bardula's work is part of the currents of optical and kinetic art, and revisits these artistic movements with a particular interest in science and new technologies, 3D, laser and LED.

Drawing on light, transparency, reflection, and virtual volume, Bardula investigates optical effects on a geometrical basis, and explores mathematical figures, extracted from 3D digital models, and movements inspired by vortex phenomena.

Bardula exploits matter and light to research the correlation between 2D and 3D, and creates hypnotic and magnetic artworks : their luminokinetic works focus on the visual perception and spatial experience created by light perspectives, and generate a sense of infinity.

Belgian artist, born 1965 in Switzerland, lives and works in Paris. Represented by the Galerie La Ligne since 2015. The work examines, on the basis of a mathematical, geometric framework, the relationship between colour, form and light reflection, and volume presented in perspective. The structure accentuates the sense of space, while the arrangement of virtual volumetric figures provides interaction between internal and external space: it becomes a visual perception, an image establishing a dialogue between surface and depth. The use of light-emitting diodes (LEDs) with variable values, magnified by their reverberation in matter, alters the perception of the whole and creates a synergy between form and light.