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Born in Florence in 1985 and raised in the nearby Florentine suburbs, SKIM discovered his passion for art at an early age, captivated like many by the artistic phenomenon called Graffitism. He graduated from the Art Institute of Florence in Advertising Graphics and Photography in 2006 and then he continued at the International School of Comics, where he graduated in Traditional and Modern Animation techniques in 2009. But following Skim's path is not an easy matter. We are in fact talking about a very eclectic artist, who grew up between art school and the street while learning to express himself in all painting techniques. Skim reveals a sensitivity in the use of vivid and eye-catching colours that few people have, as well as his technique, a perfect blend of old school and innovation, which clearly defines his ironic, caustic and poetic style. With his "Puppets" and his "Chaos" he interprets the most disparate stories and settings: he analyses everyday life and translates it into art, street or studio, surprising the viewer with the contrast between the explosion of colour in his works and the never trivial message he wants to convey with them. Skim represents a different kind of art, attractive and pleasant to observe, and with his motto 'In Colour We Trust' he is making his mark with exhibitions and performances in national and international contexts. Above all, he pursues his project of colouring the grey walls of schools and teaching children the art of graffiti, leaving his mark everywhere. To date, more than 15 schools in Italy have requested his intervention. He collaborates with Associations of Disabled Children and Schools where he teaches the art of graffiti, as well as graffiti in New York, at 5PTZ in Queens, Street Player jam at Ippodromo San Siro in Milan and at the Meyer Children's Hospital in Florence.

Numerous exhibitions include: Florence Biennale of Art - Galleria Lato, Prato - Dove sta ZA', National Library Florence - Palazzo Malaspina, San Donato in Poggio - Art Coinè Prize at Vernice Art Fair, Forlì, delivered by Vittorio Sgarbi - Biennale of Art Lasciamo il Segno in Rho, Milan - Palazzo Bardi in Vernio, Prato - Art Gallery Moorhouse, London - Pinocchio Park, Collodi - Museo del Mare in Capoliveri, Island of Elba - Atuttotondo, Museo casa di Giotto in Vicchio - Galleria La Macelleria in San Gallo, Switzerland - Neo Skenè Manifesti d' Artista at the Teatro di Rifredi, Accademia delle Arti del Disegno in Florence - Eclissi, Galleria La Fonderia, Florence - Genesi l'armonia del kaos, Galleria delle Carrozze in Palazzo Medici Riccardi in Florence.