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Silvia Lasák

Košice, Slovakia

17 Works exhibited on Kooness

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Works by Silvia Lasák

Lavender dream


Paintings , Acrylic

80 x 60 x 2cm

950,00 €

Taste of Sin


Paintings , Acrylic , Mixed Media

69 x 59cm

750,00 €

Sky highways


Paintings , Acrylic , Mixed Media

70 x 110cm

1200,00 €

Gerlach 3


Paintings , Acrylic , Mixed Media

60 x 120cm

946,00 €



Paintings , Acrylic , Mixed Media

50 x 50cm

380,00 €



Paintings , Acrylic , Mixed Media

76 x 130cm

855,00 €



Paintings , Mixed Media

90 x 70 x 3cm

2500,00 €

Silvia Lasák is a talented artist who creates with heart. In 2022, she founded a private gallery, which was her dream, where she currently works as gallery manager. In her work, she focuses on realism, abstractions of realism, and with feeling she gives soul to her works. She is fascinated by the play of light and shadow and likes to experiment and use different techniques in her work. In her works you will find interesting modern art, lively portraits, delicate eroticism, the beauty of women, nature and animals.
Exhibitions: 12/2012 - Weihnachtsaustellung 2012, international exhibition in Latte Grande, Vien, AT 02/2013 - Vernissage-"WIR", international exhibition in Latte Grande, Vien, AT 11/2013 - 1. solo exhibition: "The magic of drawing", hotel Devín, Bratislava, Slovakia 06/2014 - International exhibition DETVA 2014, Brunovce castel, Slovakia 09/2014 - 2. solo exhibition "The beauty of acrylic", Lara cafe, Bratislava, Slovakia 10/2014 - Salón of artists, Praha, Czech Republic 11/2014 - ArtFest, international fine art fair, České Budějovice, Czech Republic 11/2015 - ArtFest, international fine art fair, České Budějovice, Czech Republic 12/2016 - ArtFest, international fine art fair, České Budějovice, Czech Republic 03/2017 - Spring Art Mix, Audi Centrum Bratislava, Slovakia 05-06/2017 - Between the sky and earth, Altitude gallery, Bratislava, Slovakia 06/2017 - Ateliér Art Fest, international fine art fair, Praha, Czech Republic 02/2018 – 3. solo exhibition: Two views, Pinet club - Pine grove, Košice, Slovakia 09/2018 - Ateliér Art Fest, international fine art fair Praha, Czech Republic

She has been drawing for over 15 years. In addition to working with carbon, pastel, watercolor and combined techniques, since 2014 he creates acrylic and oil on canvases, interior walls and various other background materials. She officially started her artistic career in 2012 at an international exhibition in Vienna, Austria.

In her work, she make art the so-called a tailor-made image, according to the client's requirements, his price budget and color idea, so that it harmonizes beautifully with the interior, which she wants to beautify. During her artistic career so far, she has many satisfied clients and countless works have been created by her hands.