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Sadaharu Horio

1939 - 2018
Kibe, Japan

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Works by Sadaharu Horio



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Born in 1939 in Kibe (Japan), Sadaharu Horio lived and worked in Kobe and is considered to be one of the founding members of Gutai Art Movement 1965-72. The works attributable to this artist are drawing on paper and performance arts. 

Selected Recent Exhibitions: 

1985-2017 -  Annual Solo exhibition (Art Space Niji, Kyoto, Japan)

2000-2018 - Solo Biannual Solo Exhibition Gallery AMI- KANOKO, Osaka, Japan)

2002 - Solo Show “Ordinary Things” Ashiya City Museum of Art and History.

2005 - Participates in Yokohama Triennale 2005

2013 - Performance during the opening of Gutai : Splendid Playground at the NewYork Guggenheim