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Robert Otto Epstein

United States

3 Works exhibited on Kooness

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Works by Robert Otto Epstein

Knockout 3



76.2 x 76.2cm

2764,00 €

Knockout 2



81.3 x 61cm

2764,00 €

Knockout 1


Paintings , Acrylic

76.2 x 76.2cm

2764,00 €

Robert Otto Epstein (b. 1979) is a New Jersey-based artist whose work is heavily inspired by deconstructionist philosophy, writing, language, and systems, and the way these disciplines intersect. His gridded drawings and paintings began after becoming interested in instructional guides for knitting - the guides provide a coded plan for creation that is divorced from scale or context. Robert’s drawings on paper build up a “scaffolding” of between 23,000 and 38,000 individual, meticulously hand-drawn squares to create works that evoke pixelated JPGs or rich tapestries, finally removing what remains of the grid to bring the patterned object into focus.He studied philosophy and political science at the University of Pittsburgh and law at the University of Durham in the UK.