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Remo Brindisi

1918 - 1996
Rome, Italy

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Remo Brindisi (Roma 1918 – Lido di Spina 1996) took part in the artistic context when he was young. At first at the School of Art of Penne where his father was a teacher of sculpture and then he attended the Academy of Fine Art of Rome. He completed his studies in Urbino at the School of Art (illustration of books). He took part to the Second World War and he went to Florence where he met many artists like Carena, Soffici and Rosai. When he went to Venice he worked with an important gallerist, Carlo Cardazzo and he took part to every Venice Art Festivals. He is an expressionist painter with informal trends and his paintings are characterized by a social and political meaning. His favourite subjects are Mothers and Childs, shepherd boys, the opponents and Venice. They are represented as nightmares because they are the result of a strong analysis about the pain, horrors and guilt feelings caused by war. When we was in Milan (from 1947) he was influenced by Cubism and he joined the group "Linea". His paintings took on an epic character documenting the collective pain. The two series "La Via Crucis" (1956-1957) and "History of Fascism" (1957-1962) are so famous. He founded in 1970 "Museo Alternativo" at Lido di Spina where he collected many artworks by Italian and foreign contemporary artists. He was appointed president of the Triennale di Milano and he received the gold medal for the culture of the Minstry of Education. Remo Brindisi is considered by critics one of the greatest Italian Artists of 20th Century.