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Pipp Todd-Warmoth

1962 London, United Kingdom

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Pip Todd Warmoth is an English painter born in Lincolnshire, based in London, trained by the Camberwell Schools and Royal Academy. In his adroitly executed oils is able to evoke the serenity and beauty of townscapes and landscapes. But whilst it’s true that Pip brings us people and landscapes from the banks of India’s Holy Ganges to the mountain plateaus of South America, it’s the way he paints rather than what he paints that is most interesting. There is vitality about his style, a wit, a marvelously dreamy sense of light and an increasing assurance in painting the faces of the world that make his paintings so atmospheric and depict the sensibility of people from everyday place. The explorer Benedict Allen remarks, “There’s a quality of stillness in Pip Todd
Warmoth’s work that calms and yet energizes, carrying you to faraway lands, and beyond - to the everyday hopes and fears of those he portrays. ““Todd Warmoth has a gift for evoking architecture, whether a modest village church or street building or the nobler panorama of a grand urban skyline of domes, pinnacles, finials and fluted columns - for is not architecture
frozen music? Communism is also, I think, a pivotal theme in Pip’s work: the silent communion of shared destiny between two workers in a field, the tacit dialogue between man and his workplace, between man and earth - emblematic of the generosity of vision, the quiet sense of fellowship between Pip and his subjects”

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