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New York

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Works by Orshi Drozdik

Adam and Eve Diptichon


Paintings , Oil

185 x 157cm

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Orshi (Orsolya) Drozdik is a Hungarian-born (1946) visual artist resident in New York, who was not only one of the defining figures of Hungarian conceptual art in the 1970s but is also an outstanding exponent of international feminist art, a trend that came to the fore in the 1980s. In her works the human body is a reappearing motif and often it can be the medium too. With the concept of using her own body Drozdik is examining the relations to the traditional female role model that appears in physical and psychic spaces and that is fixed in academic discourse. Orshi Drozdik’s figures and shapes are rendered indistinct through the act of erasure. They simultaneously reflect on presence and disappearance, on completeness and absence, on recognisability and unrecognisability, on physicality and sensuality, on freedom, and on the image of female identity in her own times.