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Mosè Bianchi

1840 - 1904
Monza, Italy

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Works by Mosè Bianchi

Mosè Bianchi was born in Monza in 1840. His father Giosuè was a teacher of drawing and he attended the Academy of Brera in Milan from 1856 with the Masters Bisi, Bertini, Sogni, Zimmermann, Schmidt. His first works were influenced by romanticism of Bertini; some examples are the portraits of Simonetta and Giacinta Galimberti (1861). In 1864 he left melodramatic and romantic genre to paint naturalistic and narrative subjects. In 1867 he won the Prize Oggioni with La visione di Saul, so he could afford some travels in Venice, Rome and Paris. He studied the painting of 18th century and he refined his technique leaving historical and religious themes to approach genre painting. When he came back Milan in 1869 he obtained a great success with Fratelli al Campo thanks to the patriotic subject. Mosé Bianchi was already a well known painter so he was named councilor of the Academy of Brera in 1871 and he won the Prize Principe Umberto in 1877 with the masterpiece Una buona fumata. Also his works inspired to lagoon views like Laguna in burrasca a Chioggia, were praised by critics. From the end of 70's he realized also frescos, inspired by Tiepolo. For example the cycle at Villa Giovanelli at Lonigo (1877), the decoration of Stazione Reale at Monza (1883-84) and of Palazzo Turati in Milan (1885). From 1890 he painted a series of Alpine views at Lake Mggiore in which he was focused in light effects; also Milan views were realized in this period. In theese works we can find his passion for Navigli and the suburbs of the city. His last works were etchings. He won also a the Prize of Calcografia Nazionale in 1886. In 1988 Bianchi was named director and professor of the Academy Cignaroli in Verona but next year he had to come back Monza because of a disease. Mosé Bianchi died in March 1904.