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Michel Comte

Zurich, Switzerland

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68 x 68cm

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Born in Zurich in 1954, Comte is a self-taught photographer. He was discovered by Karl Lagerfeld, which launched his meteoric career in fashion’s global centres. The success of many of the best-known PR campaigns rests on his images. For many decades, alongside those activities he has also portrayed the stars of art, film and showbusiness: Sophia Loren, Tina Turner, George Clooney, Louise Bourgeois, Carla Bruni, Roger Federer. One of the secrets of his success must be the fact that he gets really close to his subjects – but never too close. Whether Catherine Deneuve in thoughtful mood, or Hollywood rebel Mickey Rourke squeezed into a shower cubicle, or the star artist Jeff Koons embracing his perfectly trimmed poodles as though he were his own work of art – Comte’s sitters always retain a certain appeal and mystery. The same is true also for his “nudes”, which are both subtle and seductive, and in which Comte uses curves and contours, light and shade to such a sophisticated effect that it is not always easy to tell who the beauty might be in the photograph.

The long-standing star photographer has studios in Los Angeles, Paris and New York City. He is also passionate about reportage and nature photography, and often travels on behalf of the International Committee of the Red Cross. Most recently he has turned his attention to visualising the worrying impacts of climate change and global warming.