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Mariarosaria Stigliano

Rome, Italy

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100 x 70cm


After graduating in Law at La Sapienza University in Rome, she decides to dedicate herself completely to the Art. She earns a second degree in painting at the Academy of Fine Arts along with the license to teach painting discipline. Fascinated by the transitivity of the human figure in urban contexts, industrial ruins and rooms interior, she develops a very personal technique by scratching the surface with a combination of graphite, oil and industrial paint. Her images, immersed in an uncomfortable yet vibrating atmosphere, capture the eye and remain suspended in estranged shots, trapped between wakefulness and sleep. Her works has been widely exhibited in prestigious artist collectives by the Israeli Art Museum, the Bevilacqua La Masa Foundation (Venice), San Salvatore in Lauro (Rome), Venanzo Crocetti Museum (Rome), MLAC - Museum Laboratory of  Contemporary Art at La Sapienza University (Rome).  She has also presented her work in several solo exhibitions in some very important exhibition centers: the Italian Cultural Institute of Bogota (Colombia), the Italian Cultural Institute of Wolfsburg (Germany), the Aragon Castle in Taranto (Italy) and the Neuhaus Castel of Wolfsburg (Germany), just to name a few. She has been among the first ten Italian artists to be invited to be part of the “Following Marco Polo’s Road” project in Hangzhou (China).  She has also attended several Painting Symposiums in Germany, where she is frequently works.