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Artist Biography: Marcelle Mansour is an international multi-award winning Australian Visual Artist. A world Master academic painter, bilingual writer, poet, journalist contributor and Peace Ambassador. She received two Masters of Fine Arts and Studio Arts from the University of Sydney and previously a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature & English Language from Egypt. She began drawing from early childhood and was numerously awarded top art prizes by the Department of Education. She developed a passion for figurative art and painted portraits for prominent Australians from real life. Her Shifting Waves book contains some of her paintings of prominent personalities, multiple roles of women, landscapes and poetry. Her “Threshold” art exhibition of Light and Perception, contributed to UNESCO International Year of Light in Australia. She was selected as a Cultural Role Model and received numerous artistic awards including an Honorary Presidential Award and the Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) in the Queen's Birthday. Marcelle’s passion for art drove her to create memorable paintings, her impetus desire for creating art became compelling to reflect on significant subjects, to narrate stories and stimulate viewers. Marcelle has exhibited nationally and internationally in Biennales and major exhibitions. Her work featured in art magazines including British Vogue in London 2022, Contemporary Celebrity Masters 2023 and Artisti’23 in Florence, Modern Art Masters 2022 in Complex de Louvre, Top 60 Masters 2022 in New York, and International Contemporary Masters 2023 in Canada. As a multidisciplinary artist, Marcelle’s art spans from representational art to abstract, digital and light art in a variety of mediums and styles. Her art is dominated by beauty and thoughts that explore the world of knowledge and wisdom of human psychology and perception. Her work is a manifestation of beauty with illuminating colors and communicating her mind’s thoughts which speak to viewers worldwide. Inspired by spirituality, humanity, embroidery art, and the power of intense colour, her art is radiant and significant in reflecting humanistic topics for strengthening the sense of positive values. Her enigmatic artworks are stated by Art curator and critic Salvatore Russo to be magical as “The New Contemporary Paradises: Heavenly visions.”


Artist Staement: My art is a mirror reflecting my soul and everything related to myself, my thoughts, passions, feelings, identity, and values. It depicts my experiences memories, and my connection to the world as a universal Western-Eastern woman whose goal is to aspire for human peacefulness. My work conjures realistic topics, and expressive figurative paintings. It is radiant and significant for it reflects on important humanistic topics and highlights the power of vivid colours that play a powerful role in the viewers’ soul, memory, emotion and energy. Every single artwork is dramatic and rich with the possibility to evoke feelings of curiosity. The directed perception is human, sensuous, rational, spiritual and eternal. There is a symbolic and philosophical thread in my art that penetrates the human soul, this is where I want my viewers to contemplate the inward visual perceptual communication, to open a channel of conversation and to view the unseen. I reflect on human psychology and perception, conscience, consciousness, subconsciousness, and unconsciousness with a purpose to find hope towards reshaping reality. I admire beauty and embrace it as a part of our life to express positive emotions we experience as a source of joy, and a key to a healthy life. My paintings passionately highlight the beautiful visual qualities of the human mind and soul. Through my art, I explore the world of knowledge, wisdom and optimism, its beautiful creation, its portrayal and depiction. To me, that is the role of art currently we live in, to make us think and hope, to feel and wonder, to smile with no fear, to imagine and dream, to endure and heal, to reveal the truth, and to explore the invisible.