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Lu Kuznetsova

Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation

27 Works exhibited on Kooness

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Works by Lu Kuznetsova

Ocean Eyes

Paintings , Oil

40 x 60cm

850,00 €

Elegy of the Submerged Symphony


Paintings , Oil

60 x 40 x 5cm

1300,00 €


Paintings , Oil

70 x 100cm

5300,00 €


Paintings , Oil

70 x 50cm

1500,00 €


Paintings , Oil

70 x 80cm



Paintings , Oil

75 x 58cm


Tarantula Brachypelma


Paintings , Acrylic

50 x 70cm

2500,00 €

The Unity Of Three

Paintings , Oil

60 x 70cm

2100,00 €


Paintings , Marble , Oil

50 x 60cm

1900,00 €

Snake Vessel

Paintings , Oil

70 x 50cm

2100,00 €

Lu is a surrealist artist. Art has been a significant part of her life since childhood and today is a means of expression and exploration of human feelings, dreams and experiences. With her paintings Lu attempts to force the viewer's gaze inwards to question hidden or suppressed emotions. We all possess our deep hidden selves, and we have never lost our connections to the animal world of which we are but one part. This is why the main emphasis of her paintings is usually of an animal conveying both emotional and expressive meaning. Lu’s art cannot be taken at face value. She enjoys creating surrealistic themes, communicates with the viewer in the language of symbols, codes and figurative references about the unknown and subconscious. Images as reflections of the human psyche will inevitably be strong, bold and contradictory, or barely perceptible or recognisable at all. Lu works with traditional materials such as oil on canvas, which helps her to express deep feelings and allows her to convey a very special mood. Performance styles: Surrealism, Realism.