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Biella, Italy

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Works by Lorenzo Puglisi

Lorenzo Puglisi (Biella, 1971) is author of a pictorial research characterized by the widespread use of black colour on the canvas which creates an absolute dark background, where the emanating streams of light are able to define volumes, faces, parts of the body, such as presences captured in an expression or a gesture, as the result of a long journey towards the essence of the representation and full of references to the history of oil painting from 1600 until today. Since 2015 his artistic research focuses on painting large canvases related to masterpieces of the past and filtered by his iconography, linking his work with the most classic tradition.

He has held numerous solo and group exhibitions in public and private spaces in Italy and abroad, including MUDEC in Milan, CAC La Traverse in Paris, Pio Monte della Misericordia in Naples, the Sagrestia del Bramante in Milan and the Crypt of King's Cross St. Pancras Church in London.

Future projects include an exhibition at the Latvian National Museum of Art in Riga, Latvia in May 2020 in collaboration with the Uffizi Gallery in Florence.

He lives and works in Bologna.



Looking for Monna Lisa, Palazzo del Broletto – Castello Visconteo, Pavia, curated by Valerio Dehò

Lorenzo Puglisi | Popolo e memoria, Copernico Turin, curated by Luca Beatrice

Lorenzo Puglisi | Shades of Shadow, Cypt of King’s Cross St. Pancras church, London, text by Michele Bonuomo

Preparing for Darkness, Vol. 4: True Romance, Kulhaus Berlin, Berlino 

Lorenzo Puglisi | Il Grande sacrificio, Bramante’s Sacristy, Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie, Milan

Lorenzo Puglisi | Pitture di luce e di tenebra, Biffi Arte, Piacenza, curated by V. Dehò

Il Grande sacrificio, Studio Guastalla Modern and Contemporary Art, Milan


Lorenzo Puglisi for Mario Sironi: a substitution, Casa Boschi Di Stefano Museum, curated by Maria Fratelli, Milan

Lorenzo Puglisi | Visions of Light and of Darkness (with Omar Galliani), Church of San Sisto Museum, Milan, curated by Maria Fratelli and Raffaella Resch

Una discesa verso l’alto, Ipogeo Bacile, Spongano/Lecce, curated by Toti Carpentieri

In a silent way, Studio Guastalla Modern and Contemporary Art, Milan 

La Misericordia, Chiesa di Santa Caterina, Bologna, with a poem by Davide Rondoni 


Passion, Galerie Im Park - The Historical Museum, Bremen, curated by Uwe Goldenstein

Nero su Nero. From Fontana to Kounellis, Villa Bardini, Florence, curated by Vera Agosti

La pelle dei pittori e il sangue dei poeti,  MUDEC / Museo delle culture, Milan


Lorenzo Puglisi |Caravaggio, la verità nel buio (with Omar Galliani),  Coronation Chapel, Riso Museum, Palermo/  Pio Monte della Misericordia church, Naples, curated by Raffaella Resch and Maria Savarese

Lorenzo Puglisi | L’ignoto che appare,  Il Milione Gallery, Milan,  curated by Roberto Borghi

Lorenzo Puglisi: New Paintings,  Galerie Sobering, Paris,  curated by Mark Gisbourne


Je me souvien |  Mounir Fatmi, Jonathan Monk, Pierre Petit, Lorenzo Puglisi, Lawrence Weiner, Centre d’Art Contemporain La Traverse, Paris

Acqua è,  Expo Milan 2015, Venice, curated by Willy Montini


Lorenzo Puglisi,  Museo del Territorio, Biella, essay by Bruno Corà

Posterity is a form of the spectator,  Galerie Sobering, Paris

Lorenzo Puglisi,  Villa Cusani Tittoni, Desio/Milan, essay by Bruno Corà and Valentina Casacchia


Dimenticare il tempo,  Il Milione Gallery, Milan,  essay by Valerio Dehò

Nero di fondo,  Palazzo Monferrato, Alessandria, introduction by Alberto Zanchetta

Selected for the Artist Pension Trust, London


Lorenzo Puglisi – Zilli,  l’Art de Vivre (with Carlo Bernardini),  Palazzo Bagatti Valsecchi, Milan 

Oltre l’attimo, Grossetti  Contemporary Art, Milan


Presenze,  Grossetti  Contemporary Art, Milan 

1000+1000+1000,  Palazzo Fava, Bologna


Pitture, Obraz Gallery, curated by Emanuele Beluffi


Lorenzo Puglisi,  Piccola Galleria, Asolo, essay by Valerio Dehò

Portraits,  Palazzo Berva, Cassano D’Adda/Milan


Scenography for  La spia, a drama by Giorgio Celli, Navile Theatre, Bologna


Palazzo della Provincia, Biella

L’arte e il silenzio, Oropa’s Sanctuary, Biella




Lorenzo Puglisi.  Essay by Mark Gisbourne. Hatje Cantz editions.

Lorenzo Puglisi. Text by  Luca Beatrice,  Prearo editions, Milano.

La Luce oltre il Nero. Essay by Toti Carpentieri. Manfredi editions.

Il Grande Sacrificio. Essay by Giovanni Gazzaneo. Manfredi editions.


Lorenzo Puglisi 15/18, Prearo editions, Milan


Omar Galliani - Lorenzo Puglisi |Caravaggio, la verità nel buio. Essay by Mark Gisbourne

Exh. Cat. Pio Monte della Misericordia Ad est dell’equatore editions,.Naples


Lorenzo Puglisi: New Paintings. Essay by  Mark Gisbourne.

Exh. cat Sobering Gallery, Paris.


Lorenzo Puglisi. Essay by Bruno Corà.

Exh. cat. Museo del Territorio, Biella.


Dimenticare il tempo – Bollettino of Il Milione Gallery, Milan