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Born in 1975, Lionel Sabatté lives and works in Paris and Los Angeles. After initially teaching sport, he began his studies at the “l’Ecole Nationale des Beaux-Arts de Paris”, in the studios of Vladimir Veličković and then Dominique Gauthier. He was awarded a diploma in 2003. 

He has exposed both solo and collectively in many exhibitions all over the world – Germany, China, and in France including La Réunion where he spent his youth.
His very first creations can be found in important collective exhibitions, such as “Serendipity” at the Palais de Tokyo, “I Still Believe in Miracles” at the “Musée d’art moderne de la ville de Paris” in 2005, or the “Arte Vidéo Night” in the Centre Georges Pompidou in 2009.

Very present in the Parisian scene, he featured, e.g. at the FIAC with “La meute” (The pack) in 2011, or “Le crocodile en pièces” (Parts of a crocodile) in 2002 at the “Jardin des Plantes”. In 2014, a major retrospective entitled “Lionel Sabatté, Un autre monde » (Lionel Sabatté, another world) was organized at the “Abbaye Saint-Jean d’Orbestier”. In 2015, he collaborated at the exhibitions “Recto/Verso” at the “Fondation Louis Vuitton”, “A l’Ombre d’Eros. L’amour, la mort, la vie” (In the shadow of Eros. Love, death, life) at the “Monastère royal de Brou”, “De mineralis, Pierres de visions” at the “Institution d’art contemporaine de Villeurbanne” and also “Who’s afraid of picture(s) 2” at the “Centre d’art contemporain de Perpignan”.

His works are present in various museums in France (FRAC de Saint-Leu, Musée de l’Abbaye Sainte-Croix des Sables d’Olonne, l’Aquarium de Paris or la Maison Rouge) as well as in Germany and China. In 2016, he was present at many national and international exhibitions - the “MAC Arteum” at Châteauneuf-le-Rouge” (Charbons fertiles”), the “Parvis” in Tarbes (La Désobéissance”), at the Galerie Biesenbach in Cologne (Curcuma”) and at the Sade Gallery in Los Angeles (“Lune Grise”). 

In 2017, three solo shows were presented – at the “Musée de la Chasse” in Paris, at Galerie C and at the « Musée Joseph Denais ». He also won the Drawing Now Prize the same year.
In 2018, his works will be shown at the « Villa Bernasconi Geneva », at the He is the winner of the 2018 Patio Maison Rouge Award.
During Sping 2019, an artistic programme entitled « Qui sait combien de fleurs ont dû tomber» and dedicated to Sabatté is hosted in Lyon by the Nouvel Institut Franco-Chinois, Bullulkian Foundation and Gadagne Museum.
He also created the project “Phoenix rouge” at Mauritius – a sculpture commissioned by UNESCO.