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Lieven Lefere

Roeselaere, Belgium

3 Works exhibited on Kooness

Current location

Gent, Belgium

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Works by Lieven Lefere

Des Ombres et des Mirroirs III


50 x 36 x 3.6cm

1200,00 €

Des Ombres et des Mirroirs II


50 x 36 x 3.6cm

1200,00 €

Des Ombres et des Mirroirs I


50 x 36 x 3.6cm

1200,00 €

Ratio and subjectivity as well as the appearance and disappearance of the image is one of the central themes in Lieven Leferes oeuvre. He is primarily interested in the formal aspects of photography and uses his camera not simply as a tool to document his environment. In doing so, he questions the position of the photographer, who can steer our perception with the choice of an image and thus manipulate parts of our reality.

Lieven Lefere (°1978, Roeselare, BE)

Lives and works in Gent, Belgium



- Simularities, De Directeurswoning, Roeselare (SOLO), Belgium

Curated by Hilde Bekaert


- Zou, SASK, Roeselare, Belgium

Curated by Robbe Vervaeke

- Murmuration #2, Brabantdam 54, Gent, Belgium

Curated by Het Kwartier

- Simularities, Galerie O M S Pradhan (V/MSP Gallery), Brussel (SOLO), Belgium

- Wrapped n Packed, Cascolab, Apeldoorn, Netherlands

Curated by Nicolette Klerk

- There are stories, NUCLEO, Gent, Belgium

Curated by Mieke Mels and Laura Herman


- Soilsample – Erasing nature, Artist in Residence, KIK, Drente, Netherlands

Curated by Pim Trooster and Nicolette Klerk

- De zee – Salut d’honneur Jan Hoet, Oostende, Belgium

Officieel zijprogramma Ambassadeurs van de Zee

Curated by Melanie Deboutte

- Photography in Dialogue, ONE, Gent, Belgium

Curated by Kurt Demunter


- I never promised you a horizon, Galerij Casa Argentaurum, Gent (SOLO)

- One work, Blanco, Gent, Belgium

Curated by Fré Pectoor

- Benefietveiling Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens 2015, Deurle, Belgium

- Great mountains remember me, ccBrouckere, Torhout (SOLO), Belgium

Curated by Sofie De Clercq


- Great mountains remember me, Part 2, Galerie OMS Pradhan (V/MSP Gallery), Brussel (SOLO)

- Time – Space – Existence

Venice Biennal of Architecture 2016, Venice, Italy

Curated by René Rietmeyer

- Into nature – Art expedition, Drente, Netherlands

Curated by Pim Trooster

- Denkbeeldige grenzen, Wilford X, Temse, Belgium


- Dark Ground, Krupic Kersting Galerie, Cologne, Germany

- Because it’s in my nature, Mi Galerie, Paris, France

Curated by Steve Bison and Dieter Debruyne

- Illuminato, Foto Brugge 2017, Brugge, Belgium


- Wall, Blanco Nucleo, Gent, Belgium

- Underground VI, Sint-Martens-Latem, Belgium

- Cracks, zips, rain and no horizon, V/MSP Gallery, Brussel, Belgium


- Nothing is more visible than things hidden, V/MSP Gallery, Brussel, Belgium (SOLO)

- Alsof, ONE, Gent, Belgium

- Une partie de campagne (9ème édition), Château d’Esquelbecq, France, represented by V/MSP Gallery

- Landschappen voor het Antropoceen, Andre Demedtshuis, Wielsbeke, Belgium

- Art and diplomacy, Egmontpaleis, Brussels, Belgium

Curated by Ilse Dauwe

- BAD artfair, Gent, represented by V/MSP Gallery


- Things hidden, Casa Argentaurum, Gent, Belgium (SOLO)

- Van Eyck in de diepte, GUM (GentsUniversiteitsMuseum), Gent, Belgium

Curated by Patrick Seurinck and Marjan Doom


- Track & Trace, Fototfestival Kortrijk (Curator)

- Crossing The Borders, BE -NL

Curated by Domien Van Parys

- La Montagna. Immagine e discencanto, Lab 27, Treviso, Italy

- Let's get out !!; Francis Maere Fine Arts Gallery, Zomerparcours, Kasteel van Ooidonk, Bachte-Maria-Leerne, Deinze, Belgium