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Dattenfield, Germany

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18.288 x 13.462cm

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In Cologne, the city of art in Germany, painter and graphic artist Juergen Kuhl met Andy Warhol for the first time. The American Pop Art artist had come on the occasion of the famous exhibition "From here .." to Duesseldorf 1984 on the Rhine. Kuhl, who had been fascinated by American Pop Art since the 1970s, began interpreting and successfully marketing motifs in coordination with the American artist. Warhol, with his keen sense of commercial art, took a liking to his admirer and copier and gave professional advice on subjects and screen-printing techniques. Over 110 Kuhl motifs in limited editions but also many original collages were created on the wave of Pop Art Trends in Germany. At the end of the 80s more than 2.000 signed works by the “Warhol from Cologne” hung in student apartments as well as in exclusive modern villas. At the end of the millennium changeful years followed for Jürgen Kuhl, in which he made some headlines in the national and international press. He experimented with different art techniques and had success on international markets with his innovative pop art. A longtime friend and art manager convinced him in 2017 to reinterpret Warhol motifs with the new techniques and materials. After some successful private exhibitions, in June 2019 the time had come: Warhol neo motifs with new color and design facets were presented at Art Basel Week 2019 in the Messeturm Basel in an exclusive Pop Up Gallery. The response exceeded all expectations. In addition to sales and options, exclusive contracts for international representation were also concluded. With Jürgen Kuhl 's new works, Andy Warhol' s ingenious art experiences a fascinating rebirth. The art world can hope that the now 76-year-old companion of Warhol's will retain his creativity and energy for many years and satisfy the high demand for the Kuhl Neo Pop Art.