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Julio Anaya Cabanding

1987 Málaga, Spain

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  • About the Artist

Julio Anaya studied Fine Arts in the University of Málaga, his work recreates iconic artworks and hides them in abandoned places, resulting in impressive contrasts. The ephemeral nature of his work makes photography fundamental because, by allowing the documentation of the work, it gives meaning to the artistic action. The story closes with this gesture: the painting of a painting, which no longer exists.

In a few occasions, the spectator can approach the work and watch it live, since the interventions generally take place in locations of difficult access. The result is not only a painting that pretends to be a painting and its relationship with the environment, a landscape sometimes strange and inhospitable, but also the action of taking the painting out of the museum, stealing the image, stealing the painting.

Works by Julio Anaya Cabanding

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