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Julia Mangold

Munich, Germany

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Works by Julia Mangold

Untitled, 2018 - 904, 905, 906, 909



57 x 76cm



2016 Walter Storms Galerie, Munich, Germany

2015 Mies van der Rohe Haus, Berlin, Germany

2014 Drawing and Sculpture, Elizabeth Leach Gallery, Portland, OR, USA

2012 Bartha Contemporary, London, UK Galerie Robert Drees, Hannover, Germany

2011 Walter Storms Galerie, Munich, Germany

2010 New Work, Elizabeth Leach Gallery, Portland, OR, USA

2004 Bartha Contemporary, London, UK Galleria L. Rubin, Milan, Italy

2003 Lemberg Gallery, Ferndale, MI, USA Rhona Hoffman, Chicago, IL, USA Studio la Città, Verona, Italy

2002 Fifth Floor Foundation, New York, NY, USA Devin Borden & Hiram Butler, Houston TX, USA Galerie Robert Drees (with Christoph Dahlhausen), Hannover, Germany

2001 Galerie Fahnemann, Berlin, Germany Bartha Contemporary, London, UK Walter Storms Galerie, Munich, Germany

2000 Studio la Città, Verona, Italy

1999 Galerie Tanit, Munich, Italy Galerie Windows, Brussels, Belgium

1998 Studio la Città, Verona, Italy Rocket Gallery, London, UK 1997 Galerie Tanit, Munich, Germany Galerie Windows, Brussels, Begium

1996 Galerie Tanit, Munich, Belgium

1994 Ausstelllungsraum Balanstrasse, Munich, Germany


2015 Space Invaders: Sculptors Vision, Bartha Contemporary, London, UK

2014 Schauwerk Sindelfingen, Ladies First!, Sindelfingen, Germany

2013 Schauwerk Sindelfingen, Incontri, Sindelfingen, Germany

2012 Works on Paper by Gallery Artist, Bartha Contemporary, London, UK Drawings and Prints from the Sammlung Schroth, Wilhelm-Morgner-Haus, Soest, Germany

2010 Standing on the Shoulders of Giants Bartha Contemporary at Temporary Gallery in Cologne, Germany

2004 Bochner - Flavin - Mangold, Robert Brown Gallery, Washington, DC

2003 Space Vehicles: Allusion Objectified, McClain Gallery, Houstion, TX, USA

2004 In Time, Ben Janssens Oriental Art & Bartha Contemporary, London, UK

2002 Minimal Art - Ancient China, Ben Janssens Oriental Art & Bartha Contemporary, London, UK Schwarz-Weiss, Walter Storms Galerie, Munich, Germany Zeichnungen, Galerie Fahnemann, Berlin, Germany

2001 Minimalennialism, Jim Kempner Fine Art, New York, NY, USA Xs small, Galerie Fahnemann, Berlin, Germany

2000 Carte Blanche à Hélène de Franchis, Galerie Alain Le Gaillard, Paris, France The Panza di Biumo Collection - Works from the 80’s and 90’s, American Academy, Rome, Italy

2000 Group Show, Bartha Contemporary, London, UK

1999 Morbida quiete e la notte, Studio la Città, Verona, Italy

1998 Nuove Contaminazioni, Galleria d’Arte Moderna, Udine, Italy

1997 Graphit auf Papier - Figuration-Abstraction, Galerie Thomas von Lintel, Munich, Germany Fluchtgeschwindigkeit, Galerie Tanit, Munich, Germany The serial Attitude, Addison Gallery of American Art, Philips Academy, Andover, MA, USA

1995 Skulpturen (Studenten der Klasse Reineking), Städtische Galerie Cordonhaus, Cham, Germany Nahverkehr, Grossweidenmuhlstrasse, Nuremberg, Germany Galerie Rupert Walser, Munich, Germany

1994 Metrica, Nuova Icona, Venice, Italy The International Diary Show, Global-Bridge-Project, Beuerberg, Germany

1993 Entraxis, Chiostro di S.Nicolò, Venice Lido, Italy