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Izumi Akiyama

Yamanashi, Japan

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Akiyama’s drawings appeal a presence of the motifs. The artist is characterized by still-life drawings and the motif is usually white porcelain plate and pot, vase, candle, and curtains. Each work displayed at one and the same space will produce silent, slow, tranquil, and gentle time, directing a composed atmosphere in unity.
By giving her drawings senses of flowing while making them very realistic, Izumi Akiyama at the closest captures the dualistic nature of the object and expresses it faithfully. Moreover, she is in pursuit of simplification of her works, stripping all the unnecessary information off, and the artist always reflects on an optimum harmonization of the space with the motif. The characteristic of these works is the motif of which outline is not drawn. “Ba” (Field) where background and motifs like vessel are placed onto, is transacted and arranged through using spatial representation called “Yohaku” (Negative space) which has been traditionally in use for Chinese ink paintings to Japanese paintings.