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Untitled 3


31 x 17 x 10cm

Untitled 2


26 x 14 x 11cm



30 x 19 x 20cm


Inigo Gheyselinck is academically trained in the traditional crafts of drawing, oil painting and figurative sculpting. He now uses a variety of cutting-edge production technologies, such as CNC- milling and parametric design, to continue his exploration of figurative and abstract forms. 

Born in 1980 in São Paulo, Brazil, Inigo Gheyselinck grew up in Zurich, Switzerland. He graduated from the Florence Academy of Art (FAA) in Florence where the methods of the Parisian École des Beaux Arts from the 19th and 20th century are taught.


About his work 

The human figure is central in the process of creation. Craftsmanship and understanding of anatomy are fundaments for a genuine rendition of the seen and experienced. The pure and undesigned observation of reality or imagination leads to an authentic expression. The intensification of the sensitiveness and the discussion about the physicalness are the guiding themes. Playfulness is the leitmotiv. 



Akademisches Portrait, Projektwoche @ ibW, Höhere Fachschule, Maienfeld, 2017 Tutor @ ETH zürich, Gramazio Kohler Research, 2017 Akademisches Zeichnen @ Fabrikat, Zürich, 2015 


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