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Han-Jin Choi

Korea, Republic of

4 Works exhibited on Kooness

Current location

Busan, South Korea

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Works by Han-Jin Choi

Island Boys 2


60 x 57 x 30cm

6200,00 €

Country Boy 2


13 x 30 x 9cm

800,00 €

Island Boy 2


50 x 55 x 40cm

5300,00 €

Country Boy


110 x 250 x 86cm

63800,00 €

Choi Han-Jin is a Korean artist born in 1981 who lives & works Busan, South Korea. He explores the discourses on scientific development and social changes through the concept of ‘cyborg’, a hybrid of humanity and technology. Throughout the artist’s oeuvre, a cyborg represents modern time and suggests a prediction of the future. The ‘cyberpunk’ series visualizes the interaction between humanity and technology. The text, symbols, and lights that reference evolution of communications technology are incorporated into ready-made.