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Gianni Dova

1925 - 1991
Rome, Italy

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Works by Gianni Dova

Gianni Dova (Rome January 8, 1925 - Marina di Pisa October 14, 1991) was an Italian painter. After he attended the classical studies in Milan since 1942, he was interested in Architecture major. However, he changed his projects during the War because of his patronage of artists who met themselves in literary cafés and who had as landmark the newspaper "Corrente" published by Ernesto Treccani. In 1945 he married Maria Grazie della Valle and the next year he adhered to Realism beyond Guernica's manifesto. In 1947 he exhibited some of his artworks in Venice and in Milan and he adhered to Spatialism with Lucio Fontana, Roberto Crippa, Carlo Cardazzo and other artists, becoming one of the most important protagonist of that. He also signed different manifestos of this trend like the fourth one, the fifth one and the sixth one. Then he joined the Nuclear art with Enrico Baj and Sergio Dangelo. In 1963 one of his works is exhibited to the Contemporary Italian Paintings exhibition in Australia. In 1963-64 he also showed in the Peintures italiennes d'aujourd'hui in Middle East and North Africa. His first artworks came to Surrealism, to whom Dova integrates reminiscences of Max Ernst.