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George Dannatt

1915 - 2009
United Kingdom

30 Works exhibited on Kooness

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Works by George Dannatt

February Collage


13.5 x 17.4cm

Collaged Domino


20.8 x 14cm

Colage '1'


39 x 38cm

Vertical Construction


13.6 x 26.8cm

392,39 €

Autumn 1989


12 x 16cm

403,93 €

Autumun 1989


12 x 16cm

403,93 €



17.5 x 11cm

490,49 €

George Dannatt (1915-2009) was an inspirational figure in the story of the later St Ives School. He represented a rare breed of cultural polymath: musician, critic, practising artist, connoisseur, and collector of modern art. He also belonged to a small group of patron collectors who practised what they preached. Dannatt produced a solid oeuvre of abstract painting inspired by, and in concert with, the St Ives Modernists whose work he so admired.
George Dannatt’s long career as an artist spanned more than 50 years. An artist in all media, he was a respected member of a group of artists impressed by the qualities of the English countryside and coastline, including Terry Frost, John Wells, Bryan Winter and Dennis Mitchell, all of whom were alive to the unique visual appeal of the south and west of England.

The George Dannatt Trust have consigned its entire art collection consisting of works by George Dannatt (1915-2009) and The George & Ann Dannatt Collection to moderncontemporary.art. Jackie Sarafopoulos owner of moderncontemporary.art has been known to the Trust for more than 20 years in her professional capacity as Trustee, Art Executor and Creative and Operations Director and worked closely with George and Ann Dannatt as a trusted and highly professional person, with excellent links to the dealer network, art fairs and the charitable sector