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Zaragoza, Spain

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Works by Fernando Garcia

Fermando Garcia Monzon is a Spanish artist born in 1957 who lives & works in Saragosse in Spain. He is awarded in architecture from University of Valence in 1986. Of all the visual arts, drawing is the most mysterious form of expression. A basic utensil places a touch of black on a surface and creates something real. The charcoal pencil, the pencil filled with lead, graphite or silver lead, the goose feather quill, the fountain pen and, of course, the brush! They have all been used throughout history, and in the present day, to create space on a plane. As if by magic, the austerity of this media blooms into a wealth of expression. The volume then emerges, the light envelops it, the shadow appears discreet, and the artist's soul is revealed. Fernando García Monzón is one of those rare artists who links form to the pure and modest stroke of his pencil. His hand captures his intense gaze with technical mastery. He draws an immutable, imperious and clear line, like the perfect curve of a shell.


1986-88: M.B.A. International, at ESADE Business School                             Barcelona (Spain)

1975-86: B. Arch. B. Urban Planner, University of Valencia                               Valencia (Spain)

1971-81: Classical drawing and painting at “CAÑADA” Art Studio                     Zaragoza (Spain)



2017       Parallax Art Fair                                                                 London (United Kingdom)

              “Marisa Cervantes” Interiors & Framing                                            Zaragoza (Spain) 

              Hôtel Val de Neu / Baqueira Beret – Val d’Arán                                      Lerida (Spain)

2016       Institut Barcelones d’Art / “Reial Cercle Artistic”                                Barcelona (Spain)

              Forum “Kunst und Architektur”                                                         Essen (Germany) 

2015       154th Annual Exhibition SNBA, Carrousel « Le Louvre »                          Paris (France)

              Art Gallery at the Castle-Palace, Albalate del Arzobispo                         Teruel (Spain) 

2014       Ansorena Art Gallery                                                                           Madrid (Spain) 

              Giudecca 795 Art Gallery                                                                       Venice (Italy)

2013       8th Songzhuang Art Festival                                                                  Beijing (China)

              Official Institute of Spanish Architects                                               Zaragoza (Spain)

              Red Gallery                                                                                         Beijing (Chine)             

              51th International Competition “Ynglada-Guillot”                                Barcelona (Spain)

              18th Meeting of Contemporary Art at Calvi                                          Corsica (France)

              Art Beijing                                                                                           Beijing (China) 

              7th Arte Laguna Internacional Prize                                                         Venice (Italy)

2012       151th Annual Exhibition SNBA, Carrousel « Le Louvre »                          Paris (France) 

2011       8th Florence Biennale of Contemporary Art                                           Florence (Italy) 

              Fine Arts Commissions                                                       London (United Kingdom)

2010       House of the Province                                                                          Seville (Spain)

2009       House of America, Foundation of the Arts & Artists                                Madrid (Spain)             

              “Fran Daurel” Foundation                                                               Barcelona (Spain)

2008       Mall Galleries                                                                     London (United Kingdom)

2007       Official Institute of Spanish Architects                                               Zaragoza (Spain)

              Ibercaja Gallery                                                                                Valencia (Spain)

2006       Mall Galleries                                                                     London (United Kingdom)

              Hatton Gallery                                                                Newcastle (United Kingdom)

2004       Official Institute of Spanish Architects                                               Zaragoza (Spain)

2003       Official Institute of Spanish Architects                                               Zaragoza (Spain)

2002       “Genova” Financial Club                                                                      Madrid (Spain)

2018       VERMEIL Medal Société Académique “Arts-Sciences-Lettres”                Paris (France) 

2015       GOLD Medal 154th Annual Exhibition SNBA (Official jury)                       Paris (France)

              SILVER Medal 154th Annual Exhibition SNBA (Invited jury)

2013       SPECIAL Prize, 7th Arte Laguna Internacional Prize                                 Venice (Italy)

              SILVER Medal, Academic Society of “Arts-Sciences-Lettres”                  Paris (France) 

2012       SILVER Medal 151th Annual Exhibition SNBA                                        Paris (France)

2011       GOLD Medal, 8th Florence Biennale of Contemporary Art                      Florence (Italy)