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Emilia Faro

Catania, Italy

2 Works exhibited on Kooness

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Works by Emilia Faro



Drawings , Watercolors

150 x 150cm

8000,00 €

Pink Flowers


Drawings , Watercolors

150 x 150cm


Emilia Faro's artistic path boasts a confluence of hints of personal life experience regarding themes like deliverance and Liberty and more general reflections on the condition of modern man and his relationship with the environment, the Infinite and Nature. Emilia Faro’s art is pure and profoundly human. It represents the primary instincts in their emergence, ambivalence, conflicts and sublimation, but most of all in their evolution. The pleasure and the pain, Eros and Thanatos, which belong to life, are represented with naturalness and dignity. Ugliness, danger and aggressiveness are always lying in wait, behind the scenes: obstacles, threats, and enemies to fight and overcome. The artist lays herself bare with courage, putting herself on show. She does not propose a sickly sweet vision of existence. The path of self- therapeutic emancipation, which is present in the creative process, transcends autobiographical facts, raising itself up to universal epic, creating a contagious, moving transverse odyssey, which involves and overwhelms the spectator. Nature, present in the sculptures, is maternal and complicit. It protects, purifies, saves and assists. The quest for lightness, liberation, transformation and emancipation of identity undergoing change are crucial. Crisis, linked to conflict, is resolved progressively, through the arduous conquest of an existential equilibrium, in the process of adapting to inner and outer reality. Setting the figures in an almost surreal space and the choice of a slowed-down time frame activate a meditative process that liberates, cares, elevates and takes you to ecstasy. The creatures represented by Emilia, human and not, are protagonists of brief and intense magical experiences, symbolic of profound changes. They are statues, shapes, mannequins, inanimate models, vegetal elements, virtual beings full of beauty and mystery. They conquer life through resistance, courage, determination, the possibility of abandoning themselves and others, and of letting themselves and others go. They become human, more than that: mystical, shamanistic and therapeutic. Their vulnerabilities are potentialities and resources. The desert they set off from at the start of a story is transformed into a floral garden, Eden, where life triumphs over death.



Volcanic Plants, curated by Maria Chiara Di Trapani, Tineo dell'Orto Botanico, Palermo.


Project room#9, Davide Paludetto gallery, Turin.


Botanik, Green Island 2017, Milano fuorisalone, Milan.


The Healing, curated by Olga Gambari, Videoinsight Foundation, Turin.




Wide VR Affordable art fair , Carte Scoperte, Milan.



Talìa: ricerche siciliane, curated by SPAZIO Y, Palazzo Savona, Palermo Manifesta 2018.

Premio Arteamcup, curated by Livia Savorelli , Matteo Galbiati, Fondazione Dino Zoli, Forlì.


Equinox, cavalli e videoarte, curated by Rebecca Russo, Verona Fieracavalli, Verona. 

The Others fair, galleria Façade, Turin : Emilia Faro, Giulia Gallo, Enrico Partengo 

Ars Vivendi, trenta video d'arte della collezione Videoinsight, curated by Rebecca Russo.

Ivan Argote, Victor Alimpiev, Keren Cytter, Nezaket Ekici-Marcus Shahar, Emilia Faro, Kate Gilmore, Niklas Goldbach, Vladimir Houdek & Hana Polanska Tureckova, Polina Kanis, Ali Kazma, Ragnar Kjartansson, Kataryna Kozyra, Marcos Lutyens, Marcello Maloberti, Ursula Mayer, Anetta Mona Chisa – Lucia Tkàcovà, Vlad Nanca, Hans Op De Beeck, Beatrice Pediconi, Alejandro Almanza Pereda, Sasha Pirogova, Agnieszka Polska, Cheryl Pope, Laure Provoust, Julika Rudelius, Larissa Sansour, Marinella Senatore, Ulla Von Brandenburg, Koki Tanaka, Tobias Zielony


Metamorphose, F.A.C. Collegno ( Torino ), curated by JB Fine Arts, Hamburg.

Alberto Di Fabio, Emilia Faro, Elena Von Hessen


Madeinfilandia,  Pieve a Presciano AR,  3-4-5- 07/2015.

Order/Disorder, JB Fine Arts, Hamburg, Germany.

Emilia Faro, Henrik Eiben, Stefan Pehl, Charlotte McGowan-Griffin.


Art for Care, curated by Rebecca Russo, Videoinsight, Turin.

Yael Bartana, Laure Prouvost, Hans Op De Beeck, Kate Gilmore, Ragnar Kjartansson, Jana Sterback, Marcello Maloberti, Victor Alimpiev, Koki Tanaka, Ivan Argote, Vladimir Logutov, Anetta Mona Chisa & Lucia Tkacova, Vlatka Horvar, Michael Martychowiec, Marzia Migliora, Canab, Burku Gokcek, Cheryl Pope, Elena Kovylina, Naufuz Ramirez Figueroa, Emilia Faro, Mary Sue. 


A Family Affair, Taylor Museum, Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center.

INSIGHT,rassegna di video d'artista dalla collezione Videoinsight, curated by Maurizio Giuffredi, Pinacoteca Nazionale, Bologna.

Ragnar Kjartansson, Emilia Faro, Polina Kanis, Sissi, Koki Tanaka, Julica Rudelius, Ursula Mayer, Keren Cytter, Kate Gilmore, Ull Von Brandenburg, Nathalie Djurberg, Laure Provoust, Tejal Shah.


Officine dell'Arte dai workshop di Stefano Arienti e Italo Zuffi, curated by Chiara Agnello and Milovan Farronato Careof/Viafarini,Milan.

Laguna Art Prize, Nappe dell’Arsenale, Venice.

Bim Bum Art, Palazzo Tornielli, Ameno ( N0 ), curated by Francesca Gattoni.

Wall paper, curated by Federico Mazzonelli, Paolo Maria Deanesi Gallery, Rovereto.

Marco Belfiore, Giuseppe Armenia, Elena Arzuffi, Julie Berthier, Fran Bobadilla, Arnold Mario Dall’O, Giancarlo Dell’Antonia, Antonio De Pascale, Gabriele Di Matteo, Franklin Evans, Igor Eskinja, Bruna Esposito, Marco Fantini, Matteo Fato, Emilia Faro, Jaroslaw Flicinski, Stella Geppert, Diango Hernandez, Ivan Malerba, Dacia Manto, Jacopo Mazzonelli, Antonella Mazzoni, Piero ½ Botta, Erjon Nazerai, Laurina Paperina, Domenico Piccolo, Federico Pietrella, Peter Piller, Luca Pozzi, Simone Racheli, Marco Raparelli, Christian Schwarzwald, Tonel, Vedovamazzei, Ulrich Vogl.