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Edgar Plans

Madrid, Spain

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Works by Edgar Plans

The Reading Hero (Complete set of 5)


Sculpture , Mixed Media

28 x 15 x 10cm

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Edgar Plans was born in 1977 in Madrid, with a childish and carefree style, he captures in his paintings a world of funny characters, texts, and objects that are repeated throughout his works and that fight against the injustices of today. A creative mind who has been inspired by the comic and Street Art to give his works of expressiveness while from his innocence they raise a criticism of the acts of human beings on the planet. With pencils and crayons on all the walls around Edgar Plans, whether the walls of his house in Majadahonda, those of the kindergarten, or the floors of the street, he started painting at a very young age. He has always coexisted with the creative world. In 1985, he was enrolled in drawing and painting classes, but since he was a child he never liked to be told what to paint, what he was most passionate about was painting comics and strip cartoons. But at the age of 15 he felt the desire to learn more, he felt a certain interest in knowing a certain discipline or technique. It was in the atelier of José María Ramos where he learned to give form and know how to express what he wanted through painting and drawing. After two years in the atelier, he realized that he needed to be alone in front of his works and look for ways to correct them, not having eyes behind him to straighten him or guide him in his failures. He rented a studio and there he began his journey. Today he has his studio where he continues to seek for himself day by day, between his failures and successes.