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Darcy Roberts is an experimental artist. Mostly self-taught. Inspired by color, movement, and nature. Born in Southern California, she has lived in MA., FLA.,AZ.,and CA. as well London, England, Landau, Germany and Barcelona, Spain. "I enjoy exploring and expressing ideas through several mediums: Mosaic Tile, Fused Glass, Encaustic Paint, Acrylic Paint, Found Objects, and Collage/Assemblage/Resin. Bold colorful abstracts are an exciting way to express ideas and feelings into modern, often zen paintings. My soul expands every time I create as I explore organic shapes, movement, color and layering. I am often asked why I work with so many different mediums. With mosaic tile, I can create long lasting enduring public works of art; with encaustic paints I get to melt, carve, scrape, and embed items; each medium I explore with has limitations and boundaries, so I push and play in different ways. Darcy has been commissioned for several mosaic public art projects including: The Phoenix Children's Hospital, The Rosenberg Medical Center, Simpson Elementary School, Tesseract Private School, Southwest Research & Referral, Greening on Grand Ave Project to name a few. Making original clay shapes in the kiln ensures unique one ofa kind work. Ms. Roberts has exhibited in many galleries, boutiques, and juried shows throughout the U.S. Teaching collage and mosaic tile workshops in Redondo Beach, CA. is another way Darcy inspires others to connect with their creative side in a fun and soulful way.