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Beatrice De Domenico

Paris, France

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Works by Beatrice De Domenico

Beatrice de Domenico is a French sculptor born in 1956 who lives & works in Nice, France. She works between traditional sculpture, classical sculpture and teachings from Nouveaux Réalistes. The artist began to use wire to realize a skeleton for her first sculptures. She covered them with resins, newspapers, grit until she obtained full, rich and classic sculptures. Then one day, Beatrice saw this thread which created a lively, nervous drawing with it's unstable shadow and she saw it was more alive than her standing sculpture. Thus she found the wall to be a support for her drawing in three dimension and it stabilized it. Beatrice came back to the resin because of it's fascinating and multiple possibilities. She coated this skeleton with a new skin defender that does not hide neither the light nor the breath while stressing the presence of the premier drawing.