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The Merger

1969 Cuba

1 Works exhibited


  • About the Artist
The Merger is an artists collective. The Merger, as its name implies, merges, hybridizes and integrates ideas that become the very subject of art and make diverse realities coexist. Based on the work with stainless steel, they have developed a unique aesthetic in the finishing of medium and large format sculptures. His speech manages to be as local as it is universal. Operates with signs and symbols recognized in both contexts to comment on current political events, the arbitrariness of the art market and the metallization of life. His language appeals to the appearance of "the beautiful" and the unspotted and shining aspect of the forms. 1969 Mario Miguel González (Mayito) born in Holguín. Lives and works in La Habana, Cuba 1970 Niels Moleiro Luis, born in La Habana. Lives and works between Miami and Cuba 1974 Alain Pino, born in Camaguey. Lives and works in La Habana, Cuba

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