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Works by Frederic Clot

Papilliorama et Big Data II



215 x 312cm


Frédéric Clot born August 24, 1973, in St-Loup, Switzerland. He lives with his wife Sabine Clot, his son Raphaël and his daughter Lila between Ependes and Lisbon.

Selected Solo Exhibitions 2017 Réplique, apart from CACY, Yverdon-Les-Bains Biotopes et Big data, Galerie Carzaniga, Bâle — catalogue 2016 Museum of Fine Art, La Chaux-de-Fonds, "Sous Réserve" (collective) Rosa Turetsky Gallery, Geneva, "Autour Du Dessin" (collective) Art Paris, Grand Palais, Paris, Ditesheim & Maffei Fine Art, Neuchâtel (collective) Art Genève, Rosa Turetsky Gallery, Geneva (collective) 2015 Rosa Turetsky Gallery, Geneva Imago Mundi, Luciano Benetton Collection, Fondazione Giorgio Cini, Venice (collective) Ditesheim & Maffei Fine Art, Neuchâtel 2014 Art Genève, Solo Show Ditesheim & Maffei Fine Art, Neuchâtel Lieu Unique, Nantes, "Fragment de l’Inachevé" (collective) Art and History Museum, Neuchâtel, "White Box, nouvel accrochage" 2013 Kunst 13 Zürich, Carzaniga Gallery, Basel (collective) Museum of Fine Arts, La Chaux-de-Fonds, "Donation François Ditesheim" (collective) Halle CFF, Lausanne, "De la ruine à l’inachevé" (collective) Carzaniga Gallery, Basel, "Cargo Cult" - catalog Art Genève, Rosa Turetsky Gallery, Geneva (collective)