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Breakfast at Tiffany’s


50 x 50cm


Artist group 3 Hamburger Frauen.

Ergül Cengiz - born 1975 in Moosburg a.d.Isar, lives and works in München
Henrieke Ribbe - born 1979 in Hannover, lives and works in Berlin
Kathrin Wolf - born 1974 in Ruit, lives and works in Hamburg

The trio „3 Hamburger Frauen“ – which simply translates to „3 women from Hamburg“ – met at the Hamburg Academy of Fine Arts and have been a group for seven years, connected by artistic collaboration and friendship. As a group they have realized many site specific, ephemeral murals and installations. Continually the artists portray themselves as the protagonists in their pieces. Staging their bodies as famous figures from pop culture and art history and working in cross references to photography, film, and literature, their pieces thus aim at gender issues. Their work was already shown at Falckenberg Collection/ Harburg, in the Art Cologne/ artfair, at Liste/ Art Basel, in the Kunsthaus Baselland, and in the Fridericianum/ Kassel.