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Witness the Collision of Past and Present as George Oswalt's Collection, 'Toys, Decoys & Aggregated Myths,' merges Old School Charm with Cutting-Edge Essence of a Futuristic Realm.

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Kooness: Tell me about the Collection

George Oswalt: I have worked on the collection “Toys, Decoys and Aggregated Myths” during the last couple of years, during the shredding of our society, i.e the COVID times. Around that time period, I was spending a lot of time in my Studio in the Art District Downtown. Soon after, I experienced a heart attack which brought me to the creation of the third artwork of the collection. From that moment, my imagination was invigorating and my paintings started to speak for me. This exhibition is dedicated to the way I look at both my life and society, and would describe this as vibrant, bright with a touch of chic humor. I would refer to the selection as a representation of the reality of our modern times.

K: You refer to your paintings as “asking questions”, what do you mean by that?

GO: What I mean is that I expect and want watchers to look at my artworks and think “what the heck is going on?”. My aim is to raise awareness and open eyes, give a vision for what I comprehend and see. I use my paintings as a psychological technique that mirrors society, asking those questions of why we are doing certain things as a whole, or as individuals. Today, we live in a surreal world, filled with AI and different planes of existence, affecting lives daily. My first screen was television during college, and I remember questioning technology already back then. My paintings and I are in the midst of the technological revolution as, on the other hand, I still own a flip book and love it.