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A Conversation with an Artist on Expressive Creation, Finding Inspiration, and the Transformative Power of Art.

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Kooness: Why do you make this type of art?

Diana Bezerra: Art is a form of expression of what you feel and want to convey in abstract form, colors, flowers, geometry, and genuine faces. All in a simple and genuine way, but very meaningful. The main focus is on colors, which are a source of tremendous attraction, and that's why I need to use them. In art, you expand ideas that turn into magic when you transport them to the canvas, when you throw the paint, when you spread the brush, where each of these gestures or movements is unique and singular, in which repeating the drawing never comes out the same way as it was realized on the previous canvas. So, when creating art, it's the moment to pour all the present feelings and feel satisfied with what you spilled onto the canvas, your DNA.

K: What inspires you? Where do you find inspiration?

DB: The colors of the paints, so attractive that they move and confuse me when creating art. Then, there's a vision or a look at the everyday nature, which becomes a second inspiration where I find a connection with the colors of the paints. This nature can also be the view from the balcony, from magazines, from fashion clothing, and even from reading phrases. Something that deeply touches me and I bring to the art on the canvas. It's extraordinary for me, from feeling to seeing and touching that inspiring principle on the canvas.

K: What is the purpose of your artworks?

DB: The greatest purpose of my artworks is the result that becomes a genuine work with visual and emotional therapy, one that provides well-being and happiness when seen and felt. I might be biased, but in moments of anxiety or the like, seeing a canvas in my living room leaves me incredibly light and uplifts optimism.

K: What is the artistic process behind your work?

DB: In the work environment, I go through the entire process from preparing the canvas to finishing the painted art. I use acrylic painting techniques with brushes and spatulas on cotton fabric canvases. The creation of a canvas takes between five days and two months, depending on my own demand for final perfectionism. As for digital canvases, in programs like Painter, I explore geometric shapes with a variety of harmonious colors. After the art is completed, it is printed on canvas. In this digital technique, the creation is realized between one and three days.

Diana Bezerra. Enigma, 2022. Courtesy of Galeria DB

K: What factors influence the value of your work?

DB: The main factors that influence the value of my work are inspiration, canvas size, the various materials I use for the duration of the artwork, and the production time. The same inspiration for a canvas never turns out the same for the next one. The canvases come in standardized sizes of 16cm x 22cm, 70cm x 50cm, 1m x 1m, and 1.80m x 1.80m. And the production time, the longer it takes to finish, the more costly it becomes.

K: Does art help you in other areas of your life?

DB: Yes, art is present in other areas where I work, such as architecture, stationery, and women's clothing. It's a new set of ideas with colors, shapes, mixtures, materials, and different techniques to present to the world the love and dignity for simplistic yet lasting and current art.

Cover Image: Diana Bezzerra. Flor Colagem Estampada, 2023. Courtesy of Galeria DB.

Written by Kooness

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