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Art Voyage Gallery is delighted to showcase the remarkable talent of the renowned artist Simon Kozhin in a captivating exhibition dedicated to the early spring season and blooming gardens. 

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Kozhin's profound appreciation for nature, combined with his love for travel, has built up to a collection of breathtaking plein-air paintings that deliver a sense of serenity to its watchers.

Graduated from Moscow's Ilya Glazunov Academy of painting, sculpture, and Architecture, the artist has established himself as a distinguished professional artist. His expertise in the field and unique perspective have brought a lot of success and recognition, with his paintings being sold at reputable auction houses and finding their place among significant art collections, such as Buckingham Palace.

The collaboration between Simon Kozhin and Art Voyage Gallery was a perfect match, as his storytelling and wanderlust align with the gallery's vision. In fact, the gallerist Anastasia Vasilyeva shared about his talent, "I have long noticed the work of the talented artist Simon Kozhin. When the gallery was being established, it was clear to me that the artworks of this master would be the pearl of our collection."

Kozhin's masterpieces depict his way to blend vibrant colors and soft paintings strokes, resulting in quiet landscapes. His paintings possess an eye-catching vibe that allows its watchers to escape for a moment and enjoy the soothing nature.

Simon Kozhin. Boats Paleokastritsa Greek, 2018. Courtesy of Art Voyage

The artist's preferred method of creation involves venturing into the great outdoors, where he immerses himself in the midst of nature's beauty. The plein-air technique allows Kozhin to capture the ephemeral essence of a specific moment, while his adherence to the principles of Impressionism infuses his works with a luminosity and realism that is both breathtaking and evocative.

Art Voyage Gallery's latest exhibition showcases a curated selection of Simon Kozhin's artworks that focus on the blossoming and awakening of a season, after a long cold season. Within the collection, the paintings are a metaphor to romance and life, and how after a long winter,the first green hues show in the early spring. 

Kozhin's delicate brushwork captures the interplay between light and shadow, and his keen eye for detail ensures that each stroke breathes life into the canvas, evoking a profound emotional response from the viewer. Simon Kozhin's dedication to plein-air painting, his deep understanding of color, and his innate ability to translate nature's beauty onto canvas makes him one of the best figurative artists. Through his artworks, he conveys the essence of our natural world, offering viewers an opportunity to embark on an artistic voyage that transcends geographical boundaries.

During the exhibition, his observers will discover a place of solace and inspiration, as if they could pause for a minute, reminding them of the timeless allure of the great outdoors.

Cover image: Simon Kozhin. Apple Trees in Bloom, Kolomenskoye, 2014. Courtesy of Art Voyage.

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