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Guy Olivier appoints the "Joy of Living" on canvas, embracing the best moments in life. 

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Guy Olivier is a talented Dutch artist with the unique ability to express the Burgundian everyday life combined to a French style technique in a visual and truthful fashion. He was born in the year 1964 in Maastricht. At the beginning of his career, Olivier studied cookery in Antwerp following his father’s footsteps to become a baker. However, he realised soon enough his attention was drawn towards making hand drawn menu cards. Not long after, he decided to divert his career towards the art world.

The artist has become popular for his way of depicting the “Joie de Vivre” feeling. Vital spontaneity, the esprit of the South, literally splurge from his pieces. Whether the artist’s work is portraying self-confident voluptuous women or intoxicated night owls having fun at lively dinner parties, the enthusiasm of celebrated life is palpable. Olivier also uses a theatrical tone together with a beautiful sense of colour for his Felliniesque circus scenes, too.

The Three Ladies, 2020. Guy Olivier. Courtesy of Modern Art

Wherever Olivier’s exhibitions are taking place, the air vibrates and shudders with visitors’ glance of admiration and eyes wide-open. The colourful canvases never seem to cease to amaze clients and passers-by, that always seem surprised in front of Olivier’s explosions of verve.

Guy succeeds to give the viewer a clear image of the subjects in the paintings straight away thanks to his Dutch background and plein-culinary knowledge. For instance, he utilises very pronounced lips and strong feminine features to quickly catch the viewer’s attention. Not only to highlight the feminine beauty, but the feminine aspect of life. He glorifies curls, round shapes, and gives them a contemporary appearance.  

I am Wine, 2020. Guy Olivier. Courtesy of Modern Art


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Cover image: Guy Olivier with his artworks. Courtesy of Modern Art

Written by: Sveva Berto

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